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Welcome to Rayleigh Marketing

A Social Media Management Company specialising in working with small businesses in Essex.

As a business owner yourself, you will already understand the importance of having an online presence to raise brand awareness and create a loyal customer base.

However, you will know only too well that those same business owners are often time poor. Whilst they may aim to post regularly on their chosen platforms, the day-to-day needs of the businesses can often push social media posting down the list of priorities resulting in a sporadic social media presence and ultimately slow down or in some cases stop altogether.

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“I thoroughly enjoy helping my clients increase their reach, engage their followers and ultimately convert those new followers to sales”

How nice would it be for someone to take away all the hassle of managing your Facebook account? #Dreamy #problemsolved

Hiring Rayleigh Marketing to take over your social media content creation and posting schedules will free you up to concentrate on the areas of your business that need you most.

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If I hired Annie, does that mean that she will control what is posted? #collaboration

As a client you remain in control of any decisions. My role is to enable your vision and ideas to become a reality with regular postings and relevant content. I find the best way is to work collaboratively with my clients by advising them on an initial overall plan and then creating content ideas and planning schedules to ensure that the end goal is always achieved. This could be:

To increase brand awareness
To take up of a specific offer
The introduction of a new product or service

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Do you feel bombarded yet confused by words such as ‘strategy’ ‘analytics’ ‘conversions’ ‘reach’ ‘impressions’ ‘organic'?

Whilst you may shudder at such words, as a marketer I welcome them and understand their importance. As part of my services I will not only demystify such terms but will show you how they can be used to your advantage.

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You need an Annie!!!

I can manage everything for you, post creation, scheduling and engagement. Equally as important is the measuring of the campaigns or ideas and reporting back to you. It is good business practice to measure and assess what works best for you and to adapt future strategies accordingly.

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