Social Media Management – What exactly is it?

As your dedicated ‘Social Media Manager’. I can manage everything from post creation through to scheduling and engagement.

Initially we would decide what your end goals are. Do you want to:

Drive traffic to your website
Increase Likes, Followers & Engagement
Encourage sharing of posts and your page/company.
Encourage ‘Calls to Action’ phone calls, messages and questions.
Raise awareness of your brand

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I would spend some time researching relevant hashtags, creating a plan and making sure your platforms were all functioning as they should and looking their best.

Then it’s all systems go…….I can start posting on your behalf and monitoring which posts work well with your audience.

When taking on a new client I will research their industry. This gives me a greater understanding of your specific business and helps me to identify useful information such as what your competitors are doing and typically what it is that your end user or target market needs.

However you are the expert in your field and we will discuss this in great detail to form our plan of action.


What will I need from you to get started?

I will ask you to provide me with some photos/videos/prices etc. We would work together on what you would like to promote at that particular time and create a content calendar for the future.

Each month you will receive a simple report explaining key information such as followers, likes and engagement.

Social Media Power Hour

If you feel you would like to manage your social platforms yourself why not book a 'Power Hour'.

A one-off visit, consisting of roughly an hour at a location near to Rayleigh.

This meeting will look at your existing social media platforms, how you are currently using them and tips/advice/strategy on the way forward.

Pick my brains for an hour, ask me all those questions you've been wanting to ask about Social Media!

Contact me today to book your hour.

Contact me for more information.